This week, the YEDI team is participating in a five-day training program facilitated by our  technical partner, Grassroot Soccer.

The impact-driven training was co-facilitated by Chimbiya Wiston James, a mental health expert, with experience in using SKILLZ methodologies to impact young people’s mental health, and Godknows Ngwenya, an experienced monitoring and evaluation professional, and the use of organizational technologies for preparing and conducting programs.

The training objectives were to increase participants knowledge and understanding of mental health, stress management, and incorporating mental health awareness into the SKILLZ program to help young beneficiaries, the methodology of data collection and accuracy, the ethics of data collection, using technologies for data collection, data analysis, reporting findings, and data quality assurance.

The training program will enhance the implementation of mental health themes for SKILLZ beneficiaries across our implementing locations while also improving the use of technology to collect, analyze, use, and report program data.

Some participants react to the training:

Kennedy Osuoha, Master Coach: This training has equipped the team with the new knowledge and skills to train young people about their mental health, foster a healthier working environment, and collect data from the SKILLZ interventions.

Daniel Chinweze: The training will be helpful and very informative, making us see clearly how to go about mental health awareness, data capture, and working with the coaches to ensure data fidelity and erase data fraud.

Abiola Olasode, Program Coordinator: This was a very impactful training. The facilitators made it quite engaging and exposed us to new ways of carrying out our interventions. We also got further exposed to mental health and data collection training. It was a good one, I must say.

We are grateful to Grassroot Soccer for organizing this impressive training session.