Our Past Leadership

The journey of YEDI is influenced by its passionate and competent leadership that continues to inspire and support the direction of the organisation. YEDI pays tribute to:

Estelle Dogbe

Estelle DogbeCo-founder & Managing Director


Anuoluwa Ishola

Anuoluwa IsholaExecutive Director


Oje Ivagba

Executive Director


YEDI was founded in 2011 by a team of committed development professionals. They set out in partnership with Grassroot Soccer (GRS) to bring the GRS methodology — based on training local young adults as mentor Coaches and empowering them to implement an activity-based, sport-themed, and youth-friendly health curricula (“SKILLZ”) — to young people in Nigeria.

The pilot, which targeted 6 sites (5 schools and a church), was an immediate success, prompting YEDI to expand the programme. The GRS methodology is based on training local young adults as mentors; empowering them to implement the activity-based and sport-themed health education curricula to the youth. The GRS-YEDI curriculum has expanded with the needs of the adolescents at its core and is today including tools and information to help adolescents stay strong when faced with challenges and protect themselves and others from COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) among other health issues.

Grassroot Soccer

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