Our work at YEDI would not be possible without strategic alliances, networks, and support from well-meaning foundations, organisations, corporations, governments and individuals who provide key financial assistance to us to carry out interventions.

Since inception, our programmes have reached over 100,000 young people in Nigeria, equipping them with information to live healthily and make informed decisions in life, become change agents in their communities, increased knowledge about HIV/AIDS and malaria, sexual and reproductive health, and life-management skills. They were also provided with free HIV testing and counselling, free malaria testing and treatment, and free insecticidal-treated bed nets.

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For the Girl-Child

For the Girl-Child

Our SKILLZ Girl program (a girls-only intervention) creates a safe space for young girls to have vital conversations about HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, life skills, and personal development.

HIV-free young women

An HIV-free Generation is Possible

YEDI uses sports and other physical activities to teach young people how to prevent themselves and others from HIV and what to do when someone close to them is affected. We believe that with the right knowledge and education on HIV prevention and care given to young people, the incidence of HIV can be reduced.

End Malaria for Good

Our in-school curriculum teaches young people how to prevent themselves from malaria, including the importance of using Long-Lasting Insecticides Bednets (LLIN). Your donation will let more school children know!

Holiday summer intervention

Summer Holiday Intervention

YEDI “SKILLZ Holiday” programmes combine football drills, games and other physical activities, health education, vital discussions and biomedical interventions, etc. in a safe, fun and interactive environment. Join us in making the holiday season meaningful for young people in disadvantaged Nigerian communities.

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