Testimonials and success stories from our programmes’ participants and coaches.

I love the key messages on sexual reproductive health. Now I know my rights as a lady and I can now say “NO” to anything I don’t want. I now know the helplines I can call in case I’m in trouble. I really enjoyed the teachings and will love to be a coach one day.

Sophia Bassey


I enjoyed looking through the various perspectives. Before, I thought one could get malaria from dirty water because mosquito larvae grow there; but our coach corrected that by saying that because mosquito larva stays in water doesn’t mean drinking dirty water can transmit malaria. I got to know that one can get malaria only through the bite of an infected female anopheles mosquito.

Folakemi Adewusi


I’ve learnt how dangerous COVID-19 is and ways to curb its spread. Gender expectations are issues in the society today. I believe if more and more people have this awareness, things will get better in the family which is the basic unit of every society.

Adorable Daniel


“This programme made me exercise my brain since school closed. Thanks coach Jay.”

Emmanuel Eze, Participant

“It was awesome for me, been the first time for me facilitating online, I'm really excited and grateful for the privilege given to me to facilitate.”

Olakunle Olawunmi, Coach

“I am happy this programme made me to learn more about Covid-19. I will share it with people. It made me to develop my understanding about this virus.”

Victoria Inyangbe, Participant


“The YEDI’s Grassroot Soccer Advanced Skillz program has helped me in many ways and it also changed my decision-making skills. I wanted to enter into a relationship with a guy that would have involved sex but by participating in this program, I found out that this is not the time for that – it is the time to focus on my dreams and studies; I learnt that abstaining from sex is the best way to make this happen, till I am psychologically mature.”

Glory Ubong Hope

Community Secondary School, Aka Offot, Akwa Ibom State

Olamide Olaegbe, Coach

“The online SKILLZ COVID-19 project intervention has really been fun. It has built up my leadership and communication skills especially in the aspects of relating with teenagers and young adult via the WhatsApp group. It has enlightened my knowledge, as well as my participant’s knowledge during the course of the interventions. I saw that there is information that people are still not aware of and different misconceptions about things relating to SRH and COVID-19, but at the end of every week intervention, they learn, relearn and share the right information with their friends and families. Thanks to YEDI for this opportunity.”

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