In collaboration with YEDI, SimiSleighs Foundation empowered 100 girls, aged 14–17, at the Eva Adelaja Junior/Senior Secondary School in Lagos, with the leadership skills they needed to reach their full potential and create lasting positive change in their communities.

The five-day Leadership Program featured an enhanced curriculum with five high-impact modules teaching leadership competencies represented by the acronym FIRST.

The first day centered on FOCUS with tailored and impactful learning experiences designed to cultivate determination, mental clarity, and the ability to block out distractions.

The second day dealt with the core leadership competency of IMAGINATION, equipping girls to be bold thinkers with boundless creativity and fortitude in their approach to breaking barriers.

The third day of the Leadership Programme focused on the art of RISK-TAKING, enhancing girls’ abilities to make bold decisions, venture into uncharted territory, and embrace uncertainty in the pursuit of growth.

The fourth day explored the leadership competency of SERVICE, with a part of the session anchored by the Communications Executive and Founder/CEO of @africateenscity, Mercy Akamo.

The final day dealt with the leadership competency of TENACITY, cultivating leaders who are determined, persistent, and full of grit as they relentlessly pursue their goals and visions.