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SKILLZ Holiday Camps SEASON 7 (July - August 2019)

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Since 2013, YEDI through the weeklong, non-residential SKILLZ Holiday Camps, has empowered over 26,000 adolescents who otherwise would have been idle during the long vacation – a period where youths are most vulnerable and exposed to negative peer pressure that increases their likelihood of engaging in risky activities.

THE PROGRAM: The Skillz Holiday Camp is a unique intervention that provides a safe and meaningful experience for children during the long holiday.  It aims at providing a safe space for boys and girls to learn healthy habits, develop team-building skills, personal development, basic personal hygiene, important life skills and education about prevention of endemic diseases such as Malaria and HIV, using the game of football and other physical, fun activities in an interactive environment, creating a simple but powerful connection between soccer and life skills.

THE CAMPS: The camp runs for 8 hours per day for five days, with 2 health and wellness activities delivered each day and rounded off with fair-play soccer. The participants are provided with two healthy meals (breakfast and Lunch) with plenty of water to ensure they stay energized and hydrated throughout the day. It features a MIXED CAMP (for boys & girls aged 10-15) and GIRLS-ONLY CAMP (for girls aged 13-18)

THE FINAL DAY: The final day of the camp features a graduation ceremony involving world-cup-style but non-competitive football tournament, award of prizes and celebration of outstanding participants with parents and community members. 

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