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Photo: participants at our 2016 annual Skillz Holiday Camp

2016 Was A Great Year Because of You. We are grateful!

When we started out in January with several targets including that of empowering 25,000 young people in disadvantaged communities in Nigeria with knowledge on how to live healthier lives, avoid risky behaviour and become change agents in their communities using the football for development model, we were confident of its actualization because we have your support.

Now we look back and realised that because of your support, not only were we able to achieve our set targets, we were able to exceed them as well as extend operations to Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal capital.

Because of your support:

29,396 young boys and girls aged 10 -16 in Lagos, Ogun, and Akwa Ibom State accessed quality information about Malaria and HIV/AIDS, how to take action as well as develop critical life management skills in an interactive and space environment.

6,648 young girls aged 13-19 via our Girls-Only program, were provided a safe space to have vital conversations about sexual and reproductive health, healthy relationships and were also empowered with skills. They learnt about unintended pregnancy, HIV, and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) as well as how to live healthy and risk-free and be change agents in their communities.

We commemorated World AIDS Day by partnering with other NGOs, Ford Foundation, MAC AIDS Fund and private sector organisations including Coca-Cola, directly reaching over 22,811 people in Nigeria with free HIV Counseling & Testing (HCT) across 11 States.

We piloted the Boys Only Curriculum focused on gender violence, substance abuse, gender inequality as well as Sexual and Reproductive Health.

We recruited and trained 137 additional youth volunteers selected for their leadership, knowledge, and ability to mentor youths in their communities, to carry out interventions in their communities.

We developed a School Health Club Manual to ensure continuity and sustainability of impact.

We implemented the UNFPA-supported, Lagos State Govt Hello Lagos initiative, by bringing Youth-friendly Services and quality life-applicable information to over 21,000 young people across Lagos as well as supporting with the pilot phase of the young mum’s clinic, an initiative targeted at pregnant teenagers.

We provided access to Malaria testing for over 1000 people and distributed 1,239 insecticidal treated mosquito nets.

That’s not all, because of your support in 2016, we expanded our curricula and extended into more locations. Using our in-school and out-of-school curricula and community outreaches, we fostered development of young people and communities in Nigeria, driving relevant and important information and discussions about life and health risks across our areas of operation.

Once again, thank you.

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