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Some descriptionIn addition to the 16 Skillz Naija and 18 Skillz Girls coaches already trained this year, and the over 300 volunteer coaches who have passed through the Grassroot Soccer program, YEDI has embarked on yet another five-day intensive training for new volunteers also known as Skillz Coaches who will be deployed to communities and schools in Lekki-Ajah, Lagos Island and Ifako-Ijaiye for the Grassroot Soccer interventions. Declaring open the training on Monday April 13, 2015, YEDI’s Coach Development Coordinator, Patrick Eriduluh noted that the training became necessary in furtherance of the organization’s expansion plans into new communities.

“Schools will soon reopen so we are getting them prepared so that they can in turn, empower and educate young children with relevant information about Malaria and HIV/AIDS, as well as life-saving skills, using football, football language, catch-phrases and fun-filled practices,” noted Patrick.


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Fig.1: Training section with Master Coaches

Targeting youths between ages 18 and 28, YEDI, in its commitment to quality, with a goal of reaching about 20,000 young people this year, carries out such training periodically to ensure that the target audience gets the best out of the programs. They (the coaches) are not also left out: they equally get empowered with these skills, build up their self-confidence, become change agents, and since most of them are still studying, increase their chances of getting a job when the time comes. Being resident in the communities where they will be carrying out the interventions, they will also serve as role models to these young people who are between ages 11 and 16.


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Fig. 2: Schedule for Day 1

A look through the training schedule showed that on day one, the trainee coaches were taken through the introductory aspects of the Skillz Naija Handbook including Sign in, Bingo, Energizer, ground rules, expectations, an overview of what it takes to be a Skillz Coach, various practices and games and all they need to know about YEDI. Day two and three saw them doing four practices daily centred on Malaria and HIV/AIDS and how to go about Monitoring and Evaluation respectively. On day four, it was time to prove to the Master Coaches that they had been good ‘students’; that is ‘teach-back time’. The training was rounded off the following day with more ‘teach-backs’, what’s next for them in terms of posting, and graduation ceremony.

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