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Novartis In Partnership With YEDI Is Pushing Back Malaria With ‘TATU’

Malaria is a prevailing health issue in Nigeria. With an estimated 100 million malaria cases per year, 97% of Nigerians are at risk of being infected. Over 300,000 deaths each year are due to malaria and about 11% maternal mortality in Nigeria is due to malaria.

Novartis is at the centre of the fight against malaria in Nigeria. In collaboration with Grassroot Soccer, a program run by Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI), Novartis is pushing back the lines against malaria in Nigeria. With its ‘TATU’ booklet, a cartoon illustration providing information on malaria prevention and the importance of appropriate diagnosis and treatment, Novartis is succeeding in helping to deliver a malaria free nation.


                             Some description 

                                      Kids reading the "TATU" Booklet



                      Some description

                                 Skillz practice on Malaria Prevention and Treatment


So far, for the first quarter of the year (2014), Novartis through YEDI has reached a total of 1,382 participants in 23 schools in 5 local government areas in Lagos State alone. Through the ‘Tatu’ booklet, these participants have learned about the significance of malaria prevention by using a bed net, the importance of diagnosis and appropriate treatment and also the importance of going to a health clinic rather than self-medicating.


                       Some description

                                          Skillz Practice- Bed Net Demonstration

The program is ongoing and plans to reach over 8,000 students by August 2014.



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