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YEDI SKILLZ Holiday Camps: equipping adolescents with skills and knowledge to lead healthier lives

THE CHALLENGE                                                                               

In Nigeria, discriminatory beliefs, practices and stereotypes about adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH), HIV, malaria, gender-based violence, and sexual abuse are prevalent in disadvantaged communities. This situation engenders inaccurate information, unhealthy lifestyles and destructive behaviours that threaten the successful transition of adolescents to adulthood. This situation is worsened by ill-equipped parents, often living in abject poverty and illiteracy, who typically lack requisite knowledge and understanding of adolescent parent-child communication on ASRH, and life-coping skills development, therefore resorting to defensiveness and denial of the need for such support for their adolescents. To address these gaps, there is a need for targeted interventions at adolescents within these communities to provide them with comprehensive and accurate information on their life and health skills, while correcting other stereotypes and misconceptions that affect the ability of adolescents to make positive life decisions}}


The SKILLZ Holiday Camp is designed to reach vulnerable adolescents from disadvantaged communities during the school holidays – a high-risk period for young people in these communities, as they often have little supervision and few opportunities for structured activities. The SHC is structured as a weeklong, intensive non-residential community-based socio-behavioural health camp to provide a positive life and health to adolescents (aged 10 – 19) equipping them with the requisite life-coping information and skills training on SRH, HIV and malaria prevention and to support them as they transition into adulthood. The camp’s learning model leverages a football-based curriculum, structured by age and gender, which builds young people’s health and life skills knowledge assets, facilitate their access to health and social services, and support their adherence to treatment and positive protective behaviours. Participants also have access to HIV testing services, counselling, referrals as well as acquire some skills for economic empowerment. The SKILLZ Holiday Camp complements YEDI’s yearlong in-school interventions.


The SHC through its unique adolescent programming fused with informal interactive sessions anchored on football metaphors, fun activities, coaching and experiential learning will seek to achieve the following:

o  Improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health knowledge and behaviours

o  Proffer solutions to health-related concerns and challenges affecting adolescents through safe spaces

o  Engender youth self-actualization through heightened self-confidence, positive self-esteem and sense of responsibility

o  Promote a culture of health-seeking behaviours and uptake of testing services to reduce the spread of diseases

o  Contribute to the safer communities through recognition and elimination of sexual abuse, stigmatization and gender-based violence in communities

o  Empower adolescents to make informed decisions, serve as game changers in inspiring peers


Duration:                      Non-residential 5-day camps (8:00am – 4:00pm daily)

Locations:                     Lagos/Abuja/Ogun/Akwa Ibom

Camp Sites:                  Safe spaces within target communities, school pitches, sports fields, community grounds

Camp Coordinators:      YEDI Master Coaches – supported by SKILLZ Coaches

Camp Capacity:            Each camp convenes between 100-250 adolescents

Camp Types:               Mixed or gender-specific (depending on sponsor’s choice)

Camp Graduation:        Certificates are issued to all the participants who complete the camps - which culminate with a “World Cup” styled tournament open to parents and community members

Safety on Camp:           Red Cross representatives are present on the campsite

Counselling/Testing:     ASRH Counsellors lead one-on-one sessions with adolescents at risk

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