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#YEDISHC2016: Creating Unforgettable Memories For Young People

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If you’re looking for a fulfilling, engaging and safe holiday program for your children/wards this holiday, then this is something you won’t want them to miss... the YEDI Skillz Holiday Camp 2017!


The 5-day Holiday Camps will hold during this long holiday, a period where youths are most vulnerable, have a lot of idle time and are exposed to negative peer pressure that increases the likelihood of them engaging in risky activities. The camps cwill use the Grassroot Soccer curriculum (GRS) that combines football drills, games and other physical activities, health education curriculum delivery, discussions, and biomedical interventions, such as HIV testing and treatment. The Camps will provide a structure to achieve the three fundamental principles of GRS: kids learn best from people they respect (football stars support and run the camps); the best learning is interactive learning (camps provide young people with a safe place to play and learn); and it takes community commitment to achieve lasting change (camps are run in partnership with local schools and football clubs).


Since 2013, we have organized Holiday Camps for young people in disadvantaged communities across 3 states in Nigeria. We provide our participants with a fun, character & skills building experience, lasting friendships and a holiday they will never forget! This year, we will be engaging 4000 participants during the long holiday period. The camp runs for 8 hours per day for five days, with 2 health and wellness activities delivered each day and rounded off with fair-play soccer. The participants are provided with 2 healthy meals (breakfast & Lunch) with plenty of water to ensure they stay energized and hydrated throughout the day. 


Skillz Holiday Camp provides a safe space for adolescents (11 to 18) to learn healthy habits, be educated about prevention of endemic diseases such as Malaria and HIV/AIDS as well as an opportunity to acquire soft skills and life management skills for economic empowerment using football and other physical activities in a safe and interactive environment. The final day of the camp features a graduation ceremony involving football tournament, award of prizes and celebration of outstanding participants with parents and community members. At the camp, we will empower young people with an insightful, enlightening, educational and sporty slew of activities to create a fun-packed and unforgettable experience for our participants; while providing them with all the required guidance and counselling as well as access to testing and treatment.


Our funders, supporters and partners have made this possible, so that the average Nigerian youth can be meaningfully engaged throughout the holiday season. Thanks to them, the SHC is free!.


¨       It is an evidence-based behavioural change curriculum featuring:

¨       Understanding the nature of HIV/AIDS

¨       Making healthy decisions

¨       Building safe support networks

¨       Reducing stigma/discrimination

¨       Addressing gender issues

¨       Discouraging self-medication

¨       Increasing access to testing & treatment

¨       Sexual & Reproductive health education

¨       Goal setting

¨       Healthy relationships

¨       Fair-play soccer, etc

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Arrival, registration, orientation and Physical exercise: All participants proceed to the main field for morning exercises and a brief of the day's activities.

Breakfast: A nourishing breakfast in preparation for the day's activities.

Lunch: All participants are treated to a well-deserved, delicious and healthy meal with plenty of water. They use this time to re-energise themselves and to mingle with friends and make new ones.

Bed-net demonstration: They are taught the importance of Long lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) and how best to use it

Talent Hunt/exhibition: The camp is also an opportunity for them to showcase and hone their skills in preparation of the graduation ceremony where outstanding ones will be celebrated

Quiz competition: They will also take part in some brain exercises, aimed at improving/expanding their breadth of knowledge. The quizzes are designed to be fun to participate in, and aim to provoke discussions and healthy debate amongst participants.

Sessions on Adolescent/sexual & Reproductive Health education: They will be educated on sexuality and life skills, empowering them with basic information to make healthy choices about their sexual and reproductive health including HIV prevention (for females age 13-19). Our trained Coaches will deliver a football-based curriculum that explores topics like building self-efficacy, gender specific issues linked to HIV, and sexual and reproductive health. The sessions will also focus on creating a fun, non-threatening space in which girls can openly discuss difficult issues such as intimate relationships, reproductive health, gender roles, violence and identity.They will also have the opportunity to learn from others especially the Coaches,  

Life management & leadership training: They will have an opportunity to acquire life management skills for economic empowerment, including Self-Development exercises, character Building, inspirational/motivational talk, how to build self-esteem, improvement of communication skills or perhaps a socio-cultural dialogue.  

Fair-play soccer: They will learn football drills and participate in non-competitive soccer aimed at teaching them virtues of tolerance, team-spirit, equity, fairness, etc. this session is always handles by professional football coaches known as volunteers.

Daily Reflection/Teach-back sessions: where they would gather to talk about what they’ve learnt during the day.

Personal Hygiene: They are taught to imbibe the habit of personal hygiene, with a demonstration practice to boot: they will practice throughout the five days – before and after meals.

Counselling: Trained youth and health counsellors will be available over the course of the programme to provide support and advice relating to sexual and reproductive health, as well as a range of other issues our programme participants may face.

Voluntary testing: Our testing partners will be on hand to offer testing services (and treatment where necessary) to our participants and family members on the final day of the camp. It will be voluntary, and in the case of HIV testing, a parental consent form will be sent to parents.

Graduation and award ceremony: The final day of the camp features a graduation ceremony that involves football tournament, award of prizes and celebration of outstanding participants with parents and community members.


It is a unique intervention that provides a safe & meaningful experience for children during the long holiday.  It provides a safe space for boys & girls to learn healthy habits, develop team-building & personal development skills, personal hygiene, important life skills & education about prevention of diseases like Malaria & HIV, using the game of football & other physical, fun activities in an interactive environment, creating a simple but powerful connection between soccer and life skills.

Camp Locations in Lagos, Akwa Ibom and Ogun States will be announced soon. Watch out!


This Is Who We Are: When YEDI was established in 2011, it immediately launched the Grassroot Soccer West Africa pilot program. The initial phase targeted six sites (5 schools and one church), and was an immediate success. YEDI has expanded into additional sites in high-need areas without sacrificing program quality. Established in 2011, Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI) is a Nigerian NGO committed to introducing effective, innovative, and most times, tried and tested development approaches that are ready for adaptation in the Nigerian setting. The programs and projects adopted focus on educating, empowering and inspiring the development of communities and individuals, especially children and youth.

And This is what we do:

  • We target Nigeria's youth and communities and engaging them using innovative approaches including sports, technology, & employment skills.
  • We empower young people with basic and relevant life-coping skills
  • We teach adolescent girls sexual & reproductive health education, how to avoid teenage pregnancy, live healthy, avoid risk, etc.
  • We give them a platform to have important discussions about life, take guided steps to achieve their goals, stay strong when faced with challenges
  • We teach them how to protect themselves & others from diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Malaria using football and other games/physical activities.
  • We have benefited more than 100,000 young people in over 600 project sites in Lagos, Akwa Ibom & Ogun, and we just extended operations to Ajuja.

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There are several ways to be a part of the YEDI 2016 Skillz Holiday Camps.

1. As A Participant: If you fall within the age brackets (11-19), then obtain a form, look for a location near you and register.

2. As a parent/Guardian: Register your children/wards to join a camp near you. 

3. As A Volunteer: We are constantly seeking ways to impact young people in Nigeria. We therefore look for exceptional, dedicated and conscientious individuals who are passionate about positively impacting the lives of children to build a generation greater than ours and meaningfully contribute to nation-building.

4. As a Corporate Partner or Sponsor: as we target 4000 participants this year, we would like to request that you join in our effort to impact lives by sponsoring the camps in cash or kind. For cash or in-kind donations, please contact us below:

5. Hash Tag: Follow the hash tag #YEDIshc2017 on social media 

For further enquiries, please contact us on the following numbers: +234-809-0502-420 or +234-909-2239-823; OR send us an Email:


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