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The YEDI Annual Skillz Holiday Camp

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Participants at a camp in Lagos Last Year

THE PROGRAM: The Skillz Holiday Camp is a unique intervention that provides a safe and meaningful experience for children during the long holiday.  It aims at providing a safe space for boys and girls to learn healthy habits, develop team-building skills, personal development, basic personal hygiene, important life skills and education about prevention of endemic diseases such as Malaria and HIV, using the game of football and other physical, fun activities in an interactive environment, creating a simple but powerful connection between soccer and life skills.

THE CAMPS: The camp runs for 8 hours per day for five days, with 2 health and wellness activities delivered each day and rounded off with a fair-play soccer. The participants are provided with two healthy meals (breakfast and Lunch) with plenty of water to ensure they stay energized and hydrated throughout the day. It features a MIXED CAMP (for boys & girls aged 10-15) and GIRLS-ONLY CAMP (for girls aged 13-18)

THE FINAL DAY: The final day of the camp features a graduation ceremony involving world-cup-style but non-competitive football tournament, award of prizes and celebration of outstanding participants with parents and community members. 

THE CURRICULUM: The SHC uses the compelling game of soccer and other physical activities as a hook to transfer valuable, up-to-date public health information and life management skills to young people, delivered by young adults (Peer Educators) who have been trained to deliver the interactive curriculum that teaches adolescents healthy habits, team-building skills, how to build self-confidence, empowerment and leadership skills in a youth-friendly environment where they can relate with peers and our dedicated team of Peer educators on issues affecting them.

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IMPACT: With the generous support of our sponsors and partners, the SHC has beneffited an annual average of 2,000 young boys and girls, equipping them with relevenat information and skills to live healthy, avoid risky behaviour, and become change agents in their community. Last year, it was a huge success as we graduated to total of 5,424 out of the 5,831 young people that participated, resulting in many success stories and behavioural change. This year, we are targeting 4,000 young boys and girls in Lagos, Akwa-Ibom and Ogun States. 

THE PROMISE: The participants will experience a series of exciting and engaging activities that will be handled by trained Peer Educators who will serve as Coaches. They will learn how to: live & stay healthy, imbibe personal hygiene habit, how to be economically empowered, become game-changers and positive contributors in their community. They will leave the camp with enviable stories to share when they resume school.

FEATURES (Camp Activities): The Skillz holiday camp participants will experience a series of exciting activities that will engage them for the whole day. Each of these activities is handled by trained volunteers who serve as coaches for facilitation of the Skillz practices. Football professionals will also be available at the camps to coach participants on football skills.

Some descriptionSome of the camp activities are:

OPENING CIRCLE: Every morning, the camp opens with a twenty-minute opening circle during which the entire camp gathers. It serves as the official kick-off for each day. This is when every participant is welcomed and the activities of the day are introduced to them.

SKILLZ STATION: At the Skillz Station, participants are taught professional football drills by trained coaches.

FAIR-PLAY SOCCER: This is a time where the participants practice what they’ve learnt. Fair-play soccer promotes players’ development, encourages dialogue and communication among players and puts emphasis on the real fun of participating in football. Among other things, fair-play ensures that participants remain active and finish the camp motivated and happy.

CLOSING CIRCLE: Similar to the opening circle, this is when the entire camp gathers together at the end of the day. It is a time to reinforce what was learnt during the day and also to acknowledge and encourage outstanding participants.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: A day at the Skillz camp is broken down into 30 – 60 minutes blocks. Participants are divided into teams of 10 according to their age. Each team follows a weekly schedule permitting them to conclude all activities within a week under the leadership of coaches.  


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OPPORTUNITIES: In the spirit of fostering social development, malaria and HIV prevention and contributing to the future of Nigerian children, individuals and corporate organisations can be part of the Skillz Football Holiday Camp by volunteering their time and expertise, In-kind or cash donations, etc. Join us in making the holiday season meaningful for young people in disadvantaged communities.Some description

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TO PARTICIPATE: Registration is free for all participants provided they fall within the age brackets (11 - 19). Early registration is encouraged as limited spaces are available. The Program Coordinator can be reached on 0809.050.2420

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Talent hunt, parental engagement, motivational talk sessions, soft skill acquisition, free/voluntary HIV counselling & testing, free bed nets, gifts and lots of fun, etc.

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