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The YEDI Free #Summer Camps for Young People Begins On July 30

The YEDI annual SKILLZ Holiday Camp (Season 6) opens on July 30, 2018, across 4 locations including Lagos, Abuja, Akwa Ibom and Ogun. The free summer camps for young people aged 10-19 which will last for five days each week will end on August 24, 2018. Since 2013, YEDI has consistently convened the SKILLZ Holiday Camp (SHC), a weeklong, intensive, non-residential community socio-behavioural health camps empowering over 16,000 adolescents, and giving them an opportunity to be trained on YEDI’s SKILLZ curricula and access health services and referrals – for free!

This year, YEDI is targeting 4,000 young people in at-risk communities in Lagos, Abuja, Akwa Ibom and Ogun, creating a safe space for them to be empowered with relevant skills to develop healthy and protective behaviors; knowledge and access to health services they need to thrive; as well as skills for economic empowerment.


It has been found out that during festive periods and long holidays, young people are most vulnerable, as they have a lot of idle time and are exposed to negative peer pressure that increases their likelihood of engaging in risky activities. For children in disadvantaged communities whose parents may not be able to afford a summer program, it could be worse.

That is why since 2013, YEDI has been organising a free life-changing, fulfilling, engaging and safe holiday program for young people during this period. It is called the YEDI SKILLZ Holiday Camps (SHC). Therefore, come July 24, 2018, the YEDI SHC (Season 6!) will be flagged off in Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, and Akwa Ibom.


The 5-day Holiday Camps will use the Grassroot Soccer (GRS) curriculum that combines football metaphors and drills, games and other physical activities, with health education and life-coping skills – empowering young people with relevant skills and knowledge to prevent themselves and others from HIV/AIDS, Malaria prevention education and best practices, how to live healthy and avoid risks, confidence-building activities, as well as access to HIV Testing and counselling. The SHC is part of YEDI’s evidence-based programs designed to build young people’s assets, facilitate their access to health services, and promote their adherence to healthy behaviours.


It is an evidence-based behavioural change curriculum featuring:

¨      Understanding the nature of HIV/AIDS

¨      Making healthy decisions

¨      Building safe support networks

¨      Reducing stigma/discrimination

¨      Bed-net demonstration

¨      Life management & leadership training

¨      Talent Hunt/exhibition

¨      Quiz competition

¨      Personal Hygiene education

¨      Sessions on Adolescent/sexual & Reproductive Health education

¨      Addressing gender issues

¨      Discouraging self-medication

¨      Increasing access to testing & treatment

¨      Sexual & Reproductive health education

¨      Goal setting

¨      Healthy relationships

¨       Counselling

¨       Voluntary testing

¨       Daily Reflection/Teach-back sessions

¨      Fair-play soccer, etc.

¨       Graduation and award ceremony


This year, the camps will provide participants with a fun, character and skills building experience, lasting friendships and a holiday they will never forget! The camp will run for 8 hours daily for five days, with 2 health and wellness activities delivered each day and rounded off with fair-play soccer.

The participants will be provided with 2 healthy meals (breakfast & Lunch) with plenty of water to ensure they stay energized and hydrated throughout the day.  The final day of the camp will feature a graduation ceremony involving football tournament, award of prizes and celebration of outstanding participants with parents and community members.

We will empower young people with an insightful, enlightening, educational and sporty slew of activities to create a fun-packed and unforgettable experience for them; while providing them with all the required guidance and counselling as well as access to testing and treatment.


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Our funders, supporters and partners have made this possible so that young people who cannot afford a can be meaningfully engaged throughout the holiday season. Thanks to them, the SHC is free!


This Is Who We Are: YEDI is an adolescent health and life skills development organization that educates, empowers, and inspires youth and community transformation in Nigeria using sound, proven models that get results. YEDI serves as the implementing partner for Grassroot Soccer in Nigeria.

Established in 2011, YEDI has sustained its programs and impact to reach over 137,000 young people, across four states in over 500 schools and community sites, with evidence-based interventions designed to build young people’s assets, facilitate their access to health services, and promote their adherence to healthy behaviours. The programs and projects adopted and implemented by YEDI focus on educating, empowering and inspiring the development of communities and individuals, especially children and youth.


There are two ways to be a part of the YEDI 2018 SKILLZ Holiday Camps.

1. As a Volunteer: We are constantly seeking ways to impact young people in Nigeria. We, therefore, look for exceptional, dedicated and conscientious individuals who are passionate about positively impacting the lives of children to build a generation greater than ours and meaningfully contribute to nation-building.  

2. As a Partner or Sponsor: As we target 4000 young people this year, we would like to request that you join in our effort to impact lives by sponsoring the camps in cash or kind. It takes about N6,000 (six thousand naira; about 16 US Dollars) for a young, disadvantaged child, who would have no access to any summer coaching) to participate in the camp for 5 days, with breakfast, launch, and writing materials). For cash donations, please see below:


Account Name: Youth Development and Empowerment Initiative.

BANK: Access Bank Plc

Current Account (Naira) = 0014350913

US Dollar Account =          0014368954

For in-kind donations or further enquiries, please contact us on the following numbers:

 +234-809-0502-420 or +234-909-2239-823 OR send us an Email:

You can follow this year’s activities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @YEDINaija and with the hashtag: #YediSHC2018

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