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Our Game-Changer of the Quarter

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Fondly called Gina by friends, colleagues, YEDI Volunteer Coaches and even the participants, Regina Christiana Igwubor’s journey at YEDI started in early 2014 when she signed on to become a Volunteer Grassroot Soccer Coach. A Mass Communications Graduate of the prestigious National Institute of Journalism Lagos, Nigeria’s premier journalism Institute, Gina has always been attracted to children and impartation of knowledge and so after a brief stint as a Metro Beat Reporter with Oriwu Sun Community Newspapers, Ikorodu, Lagos, she found herself in a place where her pass

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ion aligned with the opportunities. And in 2015, energetic and friendly and good-humoured Gina became a Master Coach; a full-time member of staff at YEDI. “The experience has been a wonderful one and I have not had any course to regret working with YEDI” she said when asked to describe her journey so far.Some description

Recently, the entire members of staff of YEDI unanimously chose Gina as the game-changer of the season, based on her performance (on the field and in the office), dedication to duty, sacrifice, qualities of leadership, knowledge, and ability to mentor and be a positive role model to our volunteer Coaches as well as her interpersonal relationship with colleagues.

 “My staying power has always been seeing that the Coaches I trained are doing wonderfully well on the field and yielding good results,” says Gina who measures her achievements by seeing the Coaches she trained become game changers both in their community and on the field. “What drives me is knowing that I’m a role model to many Coaches,” she continues, “and so, I try as much as possible to respect, support and politely correct them in other to keep a healthy working relationship.” To Gina, a Game-Changer is someone who stands out from the crowd and is always ready to take up challenging responsibilities and make sacrifices.

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Gina’s primary assignment is to provide all-round support to YEDI Volunteer Coaches who are delivering our behavioural change communication programmes in disadvantaged communities across Nigeria using our Coach Support Visit (CSV) tools including Pre- and Post questionnaires, Monitoring book, Coach/participant 

feedback form, referral forms, and CSV forms. She recalls her best CSV experience to be a time when the Headmistress of a school in Ipaja/Ayobo area of Lagos appreciated the Coaches and Master Coaches during a graduation ceremony. “The principal was able to identify the positive behavioural changes he had noticed in the students who participated in the Skillz Naija programme,” enthused Gina, during a chat with YEDI’s communications team. According to her, such testimonial moments are what make her go the extra mile, knowing that someone somewhere is being positively affected by YEDI’s programmes.

Among other good qualities, Gina is able to multitask and go the extra mile even when it is not part of her job description. Recently, the position of In-School Coordinator was vacant and Gina, in her characteristic sacrificial manner went all out to fill in the gap with results of Government approvals to show for that. We present to you therefore, Master Coach Regina Igwubor as the Game-Changer for the first quarter of 2016.

Congratulations Gina!

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