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As YEDI emphasizes the progress of its fight against malaria in Nigeria through its GrassrootSoccer program, we are pleased to announce the 2014 'Creative Kids Fight Malaria' Contest, sponsored by ExxonMobil.
We are looking for creative and inspirational drawings and stories to help spread knowledge on malaria.


Primary School Students - 'Draw the Lines Against Malaria'

Draw in not more than five scenes a story of your last encounter with malaria. The pictures should illustrate a clear action which has been taken to prevent re-occurrence.

Secondary School Students - Write Off Malaria'

Write an essay on the topic; “Prevention of Malaria, Who is responsible”? Students should show creative thinking by highlighting the different human effort in preventing malaria including individual efforts.

Time Frame

Pictures/stories should be completed no later than May 23, 2014. Drawings/Essays submitted after this time will NOT be entered into the competition. Drawings can either be submitted via email "" or alternatively to the Art teacher in the school. It is important that the art teacher fills out a cover sheet to identify the school and number of applications. Please provide a contact number should we need to contact you.


Junior Category

 1st Prize - N30,000

 2nd Prize - N20,000

 3rd Prize - N10,000

Senior Category

 1st Prize - N40,000

 2nd Prize - N30,000

 3rd Prize - N20,000

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Notifications of Winners

The drawings/stories will be judged by our sponsor ExxonMobil. The results will be announced in June 2014. Children who come 1st, 2nd or 3rd will be notified either in person or through the art teacher. They will be presented with the winnings on an arranged date.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact on, 08096560092, 08022220910 or

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