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YEDI is launched the “Urban Achievers” program to further the Grassroot Soccer achievements and utilize the potential of the highly-trained youth coaches to contribute to Nigeria’s development. Urban Achievers works closely with private sector employers to identify private sector needs. YEDI has developed a training program for Grassroot Soccer coaches who are motivated to gain economic empowerment, increasing their self-efficacy and ability to contribute to Nigeria’s economy. Urban Achievers links these youth who acquire relevant skills with employment opportunities.

This cadre of skilled youth can pursue economic opportunities and serve as role models for peers in their communities.

The program aims at:

  • Engaging in partnerships with youth-focused NGOs and public and private sector partners;
  • Preparing youth for employment and instilling curiosity for acquiring and using new knowledge for immediate application;
  • Using the Grassrootsoccer program as a platform to engage youth and substantiate their position as community role models

Globally, research has shown that a young person will be three times more likely to be unemployed than an average adult and predict that if not urgently dealt with, economic protests will worsen. In Nigeria, “Youth unemployment” is one of the biggest economic problems. Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative has developed a program “Urban Achievers” intended to engage, encourage and provide necessary skills needed for the job market. Urban Achievers program is a well-rounded program creating a platform for graduates, undergraduates, skilled and unskilled unemployed youths to acquire skills to achieve success in their lives.

URBAN ACHIEVERS program was launched on the 1st of November, 2013. The courses are offered for free to coaches and are voluntary to attend.

Vision and Goals

  • Use innovative, volunteer-based models from other settings to overcome the challenges of unemployment and lack of relevant job skills among youths in Nigeria.
  • Equipping the youth with skills and qualities that meet the needs of both the private and public sector.
  • Promoting dialogue between the youths and other stakeholders to address the issues of unemployment and also creating awareness about the issues of urban youth employment in the context of Nigeria.
  • Providing training for entrepreneurship development. 
  • Provide adequate career information and guidance, employment counseling as well as job placement and business opportunities.



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