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Monitoring and Evaluation

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Dashboard for Results up to December 2017

Monitoring and Evaluation

At the core of the success of any health or development organization is its ability to effectively measure, analyze, and communicate its performance. Monitoring and evaluating our impact is a key component of YEDI’s interventions. YEDI implements innovative programs and seeks to make them as effective as possible in the Nigerian context. Thus context re-evaluation and monitoring is essential for ensuring high-quality program delivery. 

YEDI uses an online monitoring and evaluation database that greatly facilitates timely data collection, analysis and reporting, and enables the use of data in program management and strategic decision-making. These monitoring and evaluation tools include:

Intervention Attendance Form to track attendance and details of interventions, which tracks name, age, sex, and attendance for every participant.

KAP survey: pre/post questionnaire that measures knowledge, attitudes, and practice related to HIV and malaria. It includes a composite measure of comprehensive HIV/AIDS knowledge as defined by the World Health Organization.

Coach Site Visit Form assesses the quality of coaches’ facilitation and identifies areas of improvement. Each coach is visited at least twice per intervention.

Thermometer Tool used to assess Coach-reported project delivery and provide continued development support.

The Dashboard: A Unique Online System for Monitoring and Evaluation

In collaboration with experts from, our partner Grassroot Soccer (GRS) has developed The Dashboard that enables the use of data in decision-making at all levels: from local program management to organizational strategy.

The Dashboard enables public health and education organizations of all sizes—from small CBOs to large NGOs—to effectively prove and improve performance by facilitating the capture, analysis and reporting of results internally and externally. Currently, GRS is using The Dashboard to track performance in many sites across South Africa, Zambia, Lesotho, and Namibia. YEDI is using Dashboard in Nigeria and is able to track key outputs (# of graduates, # tested, # reached), key outcomes (% improvement on pre/post quizzes), and personnel information.

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